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The Gratiot Lake Conservancy (GLC) is located in Keweenaw County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. An important mission of GLC is to conserve and protect Gratiot Lake and the land within the Gratiot Lake watershed. A 307 acre nature preserve at the Lake includes over 10,000 feet of shoreline.

The Noblet Field Station at the preserve is a staging area for many of the Conservancy's activities.

More recently, GLC acquired Bammert Farm, a 466 acre parcel located about 2 miles from Gratiot Lake.  Plans for Bammert Farm include wildlife habitat restoration, archaeological research focusing on its history as a farm supplying Phoenix and Central mines. Sustainable forestry and educational projects are also planned.

Through educational programs and materials, the Conservancy encourages good stewardship of the watershed and an understanding of the history and ecology of the area.

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Aerial Photo of Gratiot Lake

by Neil Harri of Aerial Photos

We are happy to announce the donation to GLC of 18+ acres on the west end of Gratiot Lake. The land was donated by Lizzadro Farms. It includes approximately 2,000 feet of shoreline and a wetlands area. It can be accessed by water for low impact activities such as hiking and birding. A botanical survey of this nature sanctuary is scheduled for 2014.

A view of a portion of the shoreline recently donated to GLC.

The Gratiot Lake Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Your support of GLC is welcome.
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Gratiot Lake Conservancy

Sunrise on Gratiot Lake

Lightning over Gratiot Lake

Water's Edge

You will find all the GLC news that's fit to print in the Conservancy's newsletter, Water's Edge. The newsletter is published twice a year and sent to Gratiot Lake residents. It includes articles about GLC programs, articles on the ecology and history of the Lake and its watershed, and information for landowners about good stewardship practices. One reason most of us enjoy being at the Lake is the wonderful opportunity it affords to observe wildlife. Water's Edge would like to report on sightings of special animals or intriguing animal behavior around the lake. We are also interested in gathering information and stories related to the lake and the history of the area to include in Water's Edge. Please don't be shy if you have something to share!

If you are not on the Water's Edge mailing list and would like to receive a copy or if you have information, animal sightings, or "Gratiot Lake Stories," or history to share, contact Bonnie Hay, the GLC Program Director at belh@verizon.net.


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Contact GLC Program Director: belh@verizon.net
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