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Photos from 2013 Workshop
Aquatic Plant Workshop

August 24 and 25

Thirteen attendees of the aquatic plant workshop spent part of the weekend studying aquatic vegetation at Gratiot Lake. Participants improved their knowledge of aquatic plant identification and invasive species

Workshop activities took place both inside the classroom and in the field at several Keweenaw lakes and channels/coves connected to Lake Superior. Submersed and floating-leaved aquatic plants were identified with a focus on identification of pondweeds and rosette-formers including the Michigan endangered awlwort. Techniques for collecting and herbarium specimen/label preparation were demonstrated. Differences between aquatic invasive species such as Eurasian water-milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed and their native relatives were discussed.

Martha Holzheur uses a water scope
to view plants on the lake bottom.

Group examines shoreline restoration project at the Lac LaBelle public access.
Native plants had been used to control erosion and reconstruct a more natural lakeshore.

Janet Avery Scholarship recipients Emily Mydlowski and Mary Jo Gingras
discuss the fine points of plant identification.

Student records a pondweed in a rite-in-the rain waterproof journal.

Clockwise from left Jo Foley, Merel Jackson, Tracy Wacker, and
Mary Jo Gingras examine a small rosette forming plant to determine if it is
water awlwort, water lobelia, or pipewort.

Participants examine the catch at the Lac LaBelle public access.
The group also visited the Bete Grise sloughs.

GUIDE TO AQUATIC PLANTS: An aquatic plant handbook Guide to Aquatic Plants of Gratiot Lake and other Keweenaw County Lakes and accompanying CD was given to each participant and was used during the workshop.

MICHIGAN K-12 TEACHERS earned 12 SCECHS (State Continuing Education Clock Hours) by participating in this workshop.

Janet Marr, Botanist
23180 Highway Rd.
Calumet, MI 49913
phone: 906-337-5529
email: jkmarr@mtu.edu and jkmarr2@hotmail.com

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Photo from 2011 Workshop

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